Megillicutti's First Flea Market

So I have this incredibly talented friend. She's seriously the next Nate Berkus decorator extraordinaire, or whomever else is the decorator to measure up to. She has this flare for pulling items together, especially antiques and vintage and things with delightful patena. {I'm sounding like I know what I'm talking about, but I don't. Well, I'm learning. From Melissa. Megillicutti herself.}

Anyway, Melissa's dad and sister nick-named her Megillicutti years ago, so she decided to name her business just that. Isn't that fun? And of course, green is her signature colour. And it suits her so well.

This past weekend Melissa tackled her first ever Flea Market where she set up a booth and sold treasures she's collected over the years. And let me set aside any preconceived notions of what a flea market booth looks like. There were NO tube socks for sale. Plastic nicky-knacks were nowhere to be seen. There were no rotating windmills or birdhouses. And there was not one tye-dye shirt within a 20 booth radius.

Melissa's booth was classic, vintage, antique beauty. With her signature all over it.

I just can't tell you how gifted she is. Her house should be in magazines. I'm SO serious. The minute I walk in it I settle down. I mellow out. I chill. If she's not careful I might move in, it's just that delightful. Seriously.

Okay, back to the Kane County Flea Market. While I wasn't there when the dealers were setting up, I guess they were coming from hither and yon to mob her booth. They wanted her stuff, because, well, she has great taste and a great eye for finding those perfect items that everyone vintage and antique loves.

Okay, I must brag about Melissa for a paragraph or two. Because a) it's my blog and b) I can. So, she wasn't there on Saturday for more than a few minutes {or so} and a head scout from the world-renowned Randolph Street Market {See here for a taste of what that's all about} approached her and insisted that she become one of the invited-only dealers to set up at their market in September, downtown Chicago. And I mean, this lady was one of the head haunchos, the one that hand-picks those that she wants at her market. {You can't pay to set up at this market - it's by invite only. Who knew?} I guess this lady just went on and on about how she loved Melissa's look and was so impressed with how she pulled things together and she just really, really wants Melissa to come and 'deal' in September. Isn't that SO great?

Here's what is said about the Randolph Street Market: "This European-style, indoor-outdoor urban antique market in the historic West Loop neighborhood features 200 select purveyors of high quality, amazingly priced “finds”, offering unlimited creative inspiration and hours of fun. Shoppers can find furnishings, vintage clothing, jewelry, collectibles, etc."

You know what I love about this whole thing. Melissa has had this passion for antiques for a long time. She's studied and developed her eye for finding perfect things and it gives her great pleasure. She's so generous and many of us that call her friend have been the recipients of her finding something 'perfect' that would fit in our own homes.

And she took a risk. It's scary to decide to try something new, especially something like this that is so personal. It's like you're putting yourself out there for all to see, your personal style and abilities and you never know how people will respond. And as an aside, it was a whole lot of work.

And she did it. She put the date on the calendar, did the legwork to make it happen and then she showed up on Saturday morning with her husband's truck loaded up like Sanford & Sons. {Insert theme song now.}

So now the fun continues. April 2nd and 3rd very well might have started the next big adventure for Melissa. I love watching those that I love risk and try new things and follow their dreams.

Here are a few pictures of her booth this past weekend. Enjoy the eye candy.

Put September 24-25th on your calendar now and come visit Melissa at her
Randolph Street Market booth. I can hardly wait!


Denise said…
Amazing...seriously, if i hadn't been sick, i would have totally LOVED to have seen all that Melissa had display. Again, very, very cool stuff. What a gift to see beauty in the ordinary.
Wow her booth looks fantastic! I'll have to go to the sale in September! She does have great taste! Now you need to do a blog entry about her home! I want to see it! :-)
Beck said…
This so cool! Thanks for sharing Melissa's story with us. My new favorite quote is, "Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone." Way to go Melissa!
meg duerksen said…
i would have wanted to buy EVERYTHING!!!!
she is so chic. :)
i miss that flea market SO bad.
it's the best place in the world....or close at me.

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