Martin Photo Shoot

I'm playing big-time catch up on past photo shoots. {And I'm also working on getting a business blog up and running.} It seems I have yet to find the balance between working 'outside' the home and doing regular 'inside' the home work. Bear with me as I learn the ropes and I figure if we're all flexible it'll all work out in the end. I'm not uptight about it, just as long as you aren't. *insert smile*

So I've set up some self-inflicted regulations, at least for the time being. Ready? I'm only going to post 3 - 5 pictures with each photo shoot post that I do. I know, I know, it's killin' me, too. But it's the photos that take forever to upload so I'll tease you with my personal faves and just a brief bit about each shoot.

Never fear. Once I figure out the balance I'll get better at time management and then I'll bombard you with pics. I promise.

Okay - so on to Martin.

Martin was fantastic. He is an amazing artist and you can look at his drawings and think that they were actual photographs. He's THAT good. A great guy with a great personality. I didn't meet Martin until the day of our shoot but he's a friend of a friend and is an amazing artist.Because it was freezing outside, we met at the Botanic Gardens and did some indoor shots and even ventured outside for the last ten minutes. {I found out later that he ended up in the hospital that day. I hope it wasn't the outdoors without a coat that sent him there. Oh boy.}

Anyway, without further adieu, meet Martin.

And my personal fave...

Thanks, Martin. Super great to meet you and all the best to you as you continue on your artistic journey.


Martin M. Rocha said…
Wow!! I love it, love it, love it!!! Your photographs are fantastic!! You are one of the greatest photographers I have ever!! Simply amazing!!

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