Little This and That

I've been a bit inconsistent on my blog these days but I'm okay with that, even if Aunt Bobbie and my mother aren't. A girl only has so many hours in the day. =)

Anyhoo, I have been doing photo shoots so that has been really fun. Five in a week and a half. And so, my hope is to get those blogged this weekend and set to roll out one per day, next week. And then Aunt Bobbie and my mother will be happy again.

So since we haven't chatted in a bit I thought I'd catch you up on miscellaneous nothingness.

1.Because I've been busy picturing and editing, I haven't been keeping up on all my blogland friends so just tonight I sat down and caught up. And it's funny, a lot of the blogs I follow I don't know the people at all, but I THINK I do. I mean, I caught myself saying out loud {but quietly so my husband didn't think I was a freak}, "Oh, that's right. I forgot Elizabeth was heading to Paris this week." And, "That Ashley, what a fun cake-topper from her wedding." And, "Oh bummer that Courtney's mom's visit is almost finished." I think I'm weird.

2. We just arrived at the lake tonight and the kids were over-the-moon excited to be back.
To see their Papa still donning his winter beard. They didn't see the surprise in the water. The pontoon is ready for its 2011 maiden voyage.

3. The kids had report card pick-up this week. Jackson's teacher raved about all sorts of stuff and then she slipped in this comment: "Jackson sure doesn't like to be corrected when he's wrong." Glad someone else notices this sub-par trait. And Maddie was terrified for us to meet with her teacher. Seems she hasn't been very diligent this quarter in turning in homework on time, or at all. Jack handled her beautifully after we spoke with Mrs. Jones. I believe she'll be back on track.

4. I get to go on a road trip next week and I can hardly wait. I get to see my brother and his family. And my mom. And my Aunt Shirley. And several cousins and other aunts that I haven't seen in a long time. The reason for this trip - my uncle is turning 70 and so we're celebrating him. So it'll be fun to see Aunt Gail and Uncle Bob and tease him about being old. And while there I get to see one of my college roommates and some of my former students. I can hardly wait. In my mind, the sunroof is already down, the kids are in the back reading their books quietly and getting along oh-so-beautifully, I might have on some 80s rock music and PERHAPS I might have a Diet Coke in hand. I mean, the chances of all that happening are pretty much a given.

5. I love my church. I mean I reALLY love my church. I'll miss it this week and next but you know I will be back home in time for our Good Friday and our Easter Sunday services. There is nowhere else I want to be.

6. The kids have picked our neighbors flowers {in their yards, not their flower beds} twice now. I've told them that it's not appropriate behavior but they did it a second time so that tells you how much they listen to me.

7. Speaking of my offspring, they're still fighting like cats and dogs. Some days better than others. Some days I want to give them away. {I'm only half joking.}

8. Frona's is waiting for us tomorrow. Or, rather, we're waiting for Frona's. I.can.hardly.wait.

9. I wish Kacie would drive up to Oklahoma or Ft. Smith to see me next week. Maybe Ft. Smith because then she could see her sister Joy, too. Come on, Kacie. I MUST get my hands on little Judah. Puh-leeeeze?

10. I had a really victorious week with weight stuff. I sadly and embarrassingly fell off the wagon so-to-speak, but as of Monday climbed back on and was ready, in my mind, to commit to the changes that needed to be made. So that feels good. I've started reading a book called "Made To Crave" by Lisa Trkherst {no idea how to spell that and too lazy to google it} and if you're ever wanting to know what it is that I actually struggle with just read the book - I could have written every single page. Seriously. And there's a video that goes along with it so I'm going to go through that with a friend, starting hopefully soon.

11. I'm walking two nights a week with my friend Erin from down the street. The timing on that was perfect. I had just decided to get back into the Weight Watchers thing and voila, up popped a facebook message asking if we wanted to start the walking thing we've been talking about doing for awhile. And so we did, even in the rain on Thursday evening. I'm looking forward to time with a friend and time to get fit. That, my friends, is called a win-win.

12. Last week I got to see my dear friend Naomi. I've never seen her with an ounce of fat, in the 20 years I've known her, but she's chubby right now. Well, I can't even call it that because she's one of those pregnant chicks that look so darn cute. You know, the ones with JUST a basketball out in front. No double-chin. No wide spreading thighs and hips. No bottom that is, shall we say, blossoming. I hate her.
JUST KIDDING. Anyway, I did the whole, "I'm sorry if you think it's weird but I just MUST touch your belly because a) you have a baby in your tummy and b) you actually have a belly." I love that girl, and she's gonna have a girl and she's gonna be a great little mama.

13. So you know how I used to live in Indonesia, and taught a bunch of fabulous kids for three years. Well, they're all in that stage of getting married and/or havin' babies. Here are just a few and I know I'll miss some ... Kacie had a baby in December. Julie's getting married in July {in Canada}. Rachel's getting married in July {in England}. Becca's getting married the end of June {in San Diego}. Dana's having a baby in July {in Illinois}. Okay, my mind is all of a sudden blanking - who else, folks. Help me out. OH YA, Kat is having a baby in July {in Chicago - YEAH}. And then there's Naomi's baby coming in May {in Nashville}. And of course, Nicole is getting married in July {in Michigan}. It is just a year waiting to party is what two-thousand-eleven-is. {And as an aside, I've actually shed a number of tears over the fact that I can't make it to Rachel's wedding in England. So very sad about that as I always envisioned myself at that one. Feeling sorry for myself. Jack said tonight, "If only she'd get married here in America - doesn't she know it would make it easier for all her friends here?"}

14. We're in this really fun phase of family life. Jackson turned five so all of a sudden it feels like we've got some new options. We've played Pictionary together, all four of us, and Life {with some rule modifications}, and we're watching more movies together as a family on Sunday nights, complete with popcorn. It just feels fun to be doing the together thing. In the past, it was often sort of a survival, tag-team thing. I'd have the kids so Jack could go out and take a break from parenting. And vice versa. {And not always, but definitely a fair bit.} So it just feels fun to have our little family and to be thoroughly enjoying it.

15. I really, reALLY hope the kids let me sleep in tomorrow morning. That's my primary love language.

16. I wish Clare and Adrian, both former "Irian kids" of mine, would come visit me from Australia. Or better yet, I wish they would fly me to Australia to visit them. They both make me laugh!

Whew, it felt good to tell you some of this junk that's been floating around in this pretty little head of mine. {I'm trying on positive-self-talk-for-size because dog-gone-it, I am pretty. Twice in one sentence, not bad was it Dr. Olson?}

Here's to a happy weekend. Get outside and play.


Mae said…
I am happy when you blog every day. Loved this post.
Seems that you have a lot of fun, i`m so happy for you. Keep up the good work and post every day please.
amywb said…
I love your #1. That's how I feel about you. :)

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