little project up my sleeve.

I've had this project on my mind for about, oh, a year. Found these delightful window frames in April of 2010, complete with some bits of tattered screen. {Sometimes I'm not so good with seeing my ideas come to fruition quickly. I'm what you'd call an "ideas gal" but not necessarily a "finish the idea quickly gal" because you see, I'm on to the NEXT idea.}

But alas, I pulled off 2 of the 3 special projects {the sand-paper ripped from the machine as I was finishing up the 3rd project so that'll have to wait for another time}.

And, I have to say, I LOVE the end result. You might not. Jack doesn't. And I'm SO okay with that, because they have my stamp on them. My signature. They're the pop of colour I've been wanting. {I told Jack I had other visions of colour in our home decor in the not-so-distant-future and he about fell off the couch. It's all in the timing. I should have known that unveiling this project might have been a bit much. I'll revisit my next ideas this fall.}

Any-hoo, Jack was gracious and worked out the engineering piece of actually making these hang all straight-like. He's good like that.

So without further adieu, here's a little tangible piece of our trip to Cozumel in February. These 'flank' the entrance into our dining room, from our living room, if that makes sense.

It's what I'd like to dub a "scrapbook piece of art in an old beat up frame that doesn't match with any other colour in our living area but I'm absolutely crazy about it." So there. {And how's THAT for a run-on sentence?}

I don't know, what do YOU think? Am I a lunatic for liking the color and the scruffiness of the frames?


ailie said…
These look great! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only idea person who doesn't quite get around to some (ok, maybe a lot) of my grand ideas. It drives Luke crazy because I have some junk in the garage that will one day be amazing (if I ever get around to it). :)
julie k. said…
Alysa these are awesome! They totally have your stamp on them with the scrapbook artsyness and the photography and the memories and the rustic frames - so creative! Nice!!
Alysa said…
Thanks, gals! I am loving them like crazy. =)
amywb said…
Very unique and creative! Love them, too!!
Nola Johnsen said…
the little pomp-pomp balls remind me of cicak eggs, which we found a few in our rotten door last week in Snt - they find the most creative places to lay eggs. Ha Ha - maybe now this new addition will also remind you of Papua. Looks nice.
Alysa said…
Nola, that's hilarious. Cicak eggs - oh boy! yes, now my artwork is connected to Sentani! Which, I love.

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