deborah plus steve. plus one on the way.

Deborah plus Steve. Highly energetic. Great laugh-ers. Fun-loving. Deborah works with the junior high and high schoolers at our church. And Steve does all the tech stuff at our church.

They're expecting their first child in oh, maybe a week. And at the time of these pictures she was only 3 or 4 weeks from her due date. She wears pregnancy SO well. What a doll.

The shoot was fun on so many levels. Here's a couple I've wanted to get to know and what better way to do so than while we're wandering around taking pics. And let's talk about Deborah's inhibitions. She has none. I mean, that girl was born to be in front of a camera. She was a laugh and a half.

What a great opportunity to take belly shots. My first maternity photo shoot and I loved it. And once the baby arrives we'll get some shots of Little Sweet Baby Girl. Precious.

So here you go, again, with my self-made rule of only 3-5 pictures. This is torture.
I think this next one was Deborah doing some swing dancing ending with a 'throw your head back' and dance like no-one's watching move!
I'm telling you, they love each other. I love this next one...
And Steve LOVES his Harley WIFE. So much so that I don't think the grin left the ENTIRE time he had the bike out. {And I get that, being a secret wannabe Harley owner myself, I can appreciate a good rumble.}
Her baby bump was just perfect...

And just because I can, I broke my own rule. {No surprise there.} Here's number six and my personal favorite, if I absolutely had to pick only one.
Deborah and Steve, you will be amazing parents to your Sweet Baby Girl. Children are, most definitely, a gift from God.
Now go get some sleep before she arrives!


Sue Klingenberg said…
Great Job Alyssa!! I love the last one too! And the harley one...the belly is like an afterthought!
Grayson said…
beautiful shots! i really enjoyed sitting near her at the luncheon and just knew she was a fun gal!
Jamie said…
Love them and love these shots!

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