Baby Codes and a Free Book Giveaway

I'm so excited to tell you about this friend of mine who is an author. As in, he wrote his own book and his name is on the front cover and everything. How fun is that?! And guess what - I have a free autographed copy to give to one of my readers. {More on that later.}

So I met Kevin {and his beautiful wife, Kim} in Indonesia, where the three of us taught school. I have oodles of stories to tell of Kevin's craziness, emphasis on CRAZINESS. He's fun, he hates mud and insects. {Proof below on one of our Outdoor Education trips to the jungles of Papua, Indonesia.}

Baby Codes, 101 Winning Combinations To Help Your Baby Sleep, is Kevin's first book and boy howdy is it good. It recently changed my life.

So you know how I don't have a baby. Jackson is five now. Well, little buddy {Jackson} is a cuddler extraordinaire. As in, he would be touching someone 24/7 if he could. Until very recently he was STILL getting up at night numerous times. Every.SINGLE.night. He'd crawl into bed, snuggle up and I'd put him back in his bed. And then awhile later I'd find him back in bed. He just wanted the company. But if you know anything about me at all, you know that THIS Mama needs her sleep. Desperately.

Enter BABY CODES which saved my life. Page 55 to be exact. The section title reads: "Spread Your Scent Around." So I tried it. I found one of my favorite fuzzy sweaters (Little Buddy is also addicted to fuzz) sprayed a teensy weensy bit of my perfume on it, and stuck it in his bed one night. And you will NOT believe this. That night he slept STRAIGHT THROUGH UNTIL MORNING. I got 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

BRILLIANT. And so I tried it again the next night, and the next ... and it continues to work, months later. All for the low, low price of $9.95. Best ten bucks I've ever spent. I got my life back people. {See here if you want to learn more about Baby Codes.}

And so if you have little ones at home, if you know someone who has a newborn or a little one at home, or if you just want to jump up and down and say, "Alysa's finally sleeping", rush on over to or Barnes and Noble and you can pick yourself up a copy or ten. Baby Codes. The book is that good - I'm giving them as baby gifts for the rest of my life. And I'm so not kidding. Sleep is a precious, precious commodity.

Kevin wrote this book with today's busy parent in mind, providing 101 unique, easy-to-follow ideas arranged by the five senses (Taste, Touch, Sight, Sound and Smell) so parents can quickly find what combination works BEST when it comes to helping their children get to sleep.

He's currently running a “Buy 1, Get 1 FREE” promotion until May 7th. Anyone who buys Baby Codes at Amazon or Barnes and Noble will receive a FREE Baby Codes eBook (or the iPhone app) to keep or give as a gift. :) It's available in all the popular e-reader formats: Kindle, Nook, iBooks/ePub, Sony, Google Edition, PDF, etc. (Visit for details)

And as for the free book giveaway. I have an autographed copy of Baby Codes right here on my dining room table just itching to be sent to you. Leave a comment (one per person please) and when we hit the 50 comment mark, we'll give one away. Tell your friends and random strangers. Facebook about it. Spread the word.

And here's the coolest thing of all. 70% of Kevin's proceeds goes to charity. He gives SEVENTY percent of what he makes away. Now if THAT isn't cool I don't know what is.

Quick, run out and grab your very own copy - it's changing this world, one sleeping child at a time.


Grayson said…
That is awesome! I trust Ur opinion n will pick one up just for mama educator in me to read. I got many friends who could use this one!
Alysa said…
You'll love it, Sara. Lots of easy tips to try. Very do-able for sleep-deprived mommy or daddy to read this book.
pinsandneedles said…
Alysa, sounds like a good book to pass on to my nephew & wife for their new baby girl, Avery.
amywb said…
I love the scent idea. I'm going to try that with my 7 year old who still comes into my bed nightly! I'd love to give the book to my sister in law who is having a tough time getting her 7 month old to sleep. Thanks for the recommendation! (If I don't win.) :)

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