Sunny and Fifty.

Sunny and fifty. And you know what that means.

Flip flops.
{You knew it was coming.}

Sunroof. Loud singing. {I'm pretty sure the weather has nothing to do with that - I'm always loud singing.} At one point I looked down at the speedometer and was going almost 80. Oopsy. Only felt like 50. Thankfully Officer Simpson was nowhere to be found. {And Kristin, the kids weren't in the car, so no worries.}

Jackson wanted to "ride-like-the-wind" today. And so he did.

We hear {and see} robins, which means only one thing. Tomorrow we'll be making Robin Nest Treats, the recipe and idea courtesy of Alice. Don't panic, I'll fully document it, including the recipe!
I'm confident that supper will involve the barbie, because now that it's 50, I think it's too hot to use the oven.

We're just a bit giddy around here.
As we should be, SPRING is right around the corner.


Alice said…
Robins came back EARLY this year! We had our treats 3-4 weeks ago! Earliest I ever remember them arriving. Hopefully they know that spring is truly arriving!
Mae said…
Love the flip flops and especially the picture of Jackson facing you on the bicycle. He looks so happy.

I've been thinking about getting my sandals out and then remembered, they all burnt up in the fire last October. Guess I'll have to shop for some in Nashville.

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