on Chris Tomlin concerts.

Our first CT concert was in March of 2006, right before Jackson was born. He danced in my belly during the whole concert. And you might remember my take on going to one of Chris Tomlin's concerts a couple years ago. {You can find it here if you're interested.}

And if you recall, we said that no matter the cost, we would go again the next time he came to the Chicagoland area. He was that good and it was so NOT about him. It was all about God. And praising God. It truly was as if he ushered us into the very presence of God in Heaven above. {And thankfully, Denise pulled through for us and had a couple tickets at the last minute. I didn't get my act together pre-Cozumel to order tickets and by the time we returned they were sold OUT.}

Once again, it felt like we were standing in Heaven on the paved streets of gold, singing with the angels. My voice is sore from singing slash shouting out praises to Jesus for 3 hours. It's sort of hard to describe. {And for sake of acknowledgement, I'm sure there are some out there that think this a bit kooky and wacky. And I'm alright with that. Just humour me, would ya?}

You're in this room with thousands and thousands of people. A bunch of folks are on stage playing guitars and drums and even a garbage can this time 'round. A few are singing. You're surrounded by people in every direction and yet it's like you're all alone, just you and God. Both alone and with thousands all at the same time. It's a gripping, moving experience in my estimation. I didn't want it to end and I just wanted Jesus to come back to earth and call it time to go to Heaven forever. Let the eternal party begin.

For one of the first times in my life I felt like the shackles of my denominational upbringing were loosed when I lifted my hands high into the air. And for a very long time. Not timid. Not reserved. Not wondering if I was doing it wrong. Not worried about what others in the pew might think. Not wondering if I was being too charismatic. I did a little bit of boogie down and I might have jumped around, and honestly, I think the Lord was delighted. There are just too many verses in the Bible that talk about music and dancing and singing and lifting our hands high in praise to God. And I'm all done leaving those out of my life. You could say that in the past decade or so I have come a long way in 'letting loose' in church, but I've always had this little hint of 'but that's not how we do it so put those arms down right now.' And for those of you out there who have been publicly praising God with arms stretched high for decades, it's probably hard for you to even imagine why this would be such a big deal. But I just have to say that I felt a freedom tonight to worship with wreckless abandon. It was just God and me, working through the freedom that I have to join in the symphony of praises that are already going on, all over His creation.

At this point, I'm rambling, so I'll stop. My take-aways - 1) Heaven is gonna be INCREDIBLE but why not ramp up my worship here on earth. Will I join the symphony already going on? 2) I am free to worship with my hands and movement and voice all mixed together, as God designed and intended.

Anyway, I have no pictures to show for the evening, just the same sweet memories as the last two times we've gone to a Chris Tomlin concert. Feeling ALIVE and FREE to worship God in song and dance and lifting of hands.

IF you get the chance to go to a Chris Tomlin concert, take it. You might be changed forever. And I'm so not kidding.


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