Jack and I are both of the Heinz 57 variety. And that's fine. But it's days like today - St. Patty's Day - when I just "wish upon a star" that we were 100% one thing.

Like Irish.

Because if I was, I'd be out at an Irish Pub right now, {not eating corn beef and cabbage}, but rather some sort of potato dish, because, well, potatoes are just a number one food group in my humble, Irish opinion.

I did make green eggs and ham this morning. {And even read the book to Jackson.} See, the O'Clark in me couldn't stop herself.

And wouldn't you know it, I don't own one green piece of clothing. Not even undies. Not one. Now if someone wanted to quick send me a flowery green skirt I would wear it forever. And that just might be what I begin looking for, so that in 365 days I will be 100% fully prepared to embrace my Irish roots.

My Irish "O'Malley" neighbor invited me down for a visit this morning, and sent me home with Irish Soda Bread. Yum. {And as a pathetic side, all these years, and I do mean, ALL THESE YEARS, I honestly thought that Irish Soda Bread involved some pop. And then, as I was asking Erin the ingredient list she mentioned lots of flour, a little sugar, and, well, um, baking SODA. Hmmm. I might be stupid.}

See, I try to be honest around here, even if it makes me look like a fool. Anyhoo, I am drinking out of a green cup. Does that count? And I did send both children to school wearing some semblance of green.  Although Jackson was VERY distraught when he came out of school, claiming that ALL HIS FRIENDS HAD ONLY GREEN ON AND HE HAD GREEN AND BLUE STRIPES AND THAT DIDN'T COUNT. Oopsy. Sorry little buddy. Maybe next year.

I did listen to Irish music, courtesy of Alice's blog and Cleary's facebook.
I might do my own rendition of River Dance later. {or not.}

I secretly wish my hair were red and curly and I desperately want to talk in a lovely Irish accent.

In my dreams, I'm Alysa O'Clark.

Happy St. Patrick's Day out there. May your Leprechaun leap high and may your dance be fast and furious.{No earthly clue what I meant by that other than it felt Irish to say, so I said it.}

And because no post is complete without a picture, I leave you with one of Maddie, from years ago, on the zip-sled at the lake, with GREEN trees in the background. Summer come soon.


becko said…
Too cute (both the blog post and the photo!)
Everyone's Irish today ;)
Alysa said…
No fair, Becky. You actually do have an O apostrophe in your name. I thought of you several times today, wondering what fun you were up to! Hugs.
Cleary said…
We're gonna celebrate together next year as it will be on a Friday and you will be wearing green!
Grayson said…
Becky and I spent the day fighting mommy guilt for planning Irish things for our classes and NOT our own Irish kids! There we were scrambling around after school at dollar stores and front yards for sticks and traps and anything to prove we attempted to catch a leprechaun! It was scurried and sad but we made it work!! I got my plan done in 30 min or less before T arrived home. Next yr I have BIG plans!

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