in the mail.

So Monday, while I physically felt awful {the flu bug hit fast and furious this past weekend}, I got a couple super fantastic treats in the mail.

The first "treater" was the Chicago Public School letter we'd been waiting for, either accepting or denying our request for Jackson to attend Maddie's school. {Currently, the kids are in two separate schools with two separate start and stop times. I drop Maddie off at her school at 9am, drop Jackson off at his school at 11am, pick up Jackson at 1:45pm and then pick up Maddie at 2:45pm. Needless to say, my day is a tad bit choppy.}
Cutting to the chase - he got in. Yippee. That's SUCH great news for us. We love Maddie's school but there really is no absolute guarantee that Jackson would get in. Siblings do get priority, but, if there's no space, there's no space. Whew. That felt so good to get that news.

The second treater for the day arrived about 6 minutes later, courtesy of the UPS man.
My new mack-daddy lens, that I've been saving my pennies for over the last year, arrived. It's here. And I'm so excited. {Side note: It's now Thursday and I haven't even attached the lens to my camera - that tells you how sick I've been. But tomorrow will be my practice day because, well, Saturday, little buddy turns 5.}

As for the sickness floating around our house, the kids seem to be on the upswing, still coughing and hacking away, but definitely not as bad as they were earlier in the week. I still feel lousy and Jack, while we thought he was going to make it unscathed, just got hit hard yesterday afternoon, so he's feeling super duper lousy. Rats. I was so hoping he wouldn't get it.

But today the sun is shining so that's good. And we had Chinese take-out for supper last night. That's even better. And I'm not quite as irritable as I was yesterday. So that's the best.

Wait, did you hear me say Jackson turns FIVE on Saturday? More on that later.


cclarebear said…
Freaky - V has been looking for the same lens, but in a Nikon or a Sigma. His problem is that we travel a lot and his is too big (and too expensive) - very impressed though!!!!

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