Cozumel Colour.

So you know how I love colour, right? As in, I can never pick an all-time favorite colour because there are just so many brilliant ones to choose from. It's a "whatever mood I happen to be in" favorite. Maddie's always trying to pin me down and I just can't commit.

Side-note, completely unrelated: There's a racket going on at the Cozumel airport {only airport on the island} where they say you can't leave the airport unless you pay $65 per person for the shuttle bus to your particular resort. Ya, right. As Jack said, so eloquently, and perhaps loudly and cockily, "Ya, we're from Chicago and we wouldn't pay $65 to go downtown, so there's no way we're paying $130 (for the two of us) to go four miles!" Those in the customs line doubted us, saying there was no way we could get out of the airport without it, but we just did our little nod and little side-grin, which basically communicated, "Watch us."

We grabbed our bags off the airport floor, shoved them through the x-ray machine, pressed the lucky 'green means go' and red means 'complete interrogation' and we got lucky. GREEN. Which means go. And that we did. Jack led, I followed, barely able to contain my glee at actually sweating in February. It wasn't for the faint of heart. Many tried to get us to stop and funnel us into the shuttle bus lines. But no, Jack marched on and I avoided eye-contact. We're a good pair like that. We trotted right out the open-air terminal and walked part way into town . Here's Jack off the airport property, looking a tad-bit proud.
Okay, back to colour. Let's just say that there was no shortage of it, and no colour was off-limits. For anything. Bright orange. Sure, let's paint our house that color. Hot pink and teal. Of course, why wouldn't you? Lime green? Lemon yellow? Hot pink v-dub car. Absolutely. You name it, you want it, you can have it.

So I leave you with colours from the island. {Both man-made and God-made, basically straight out of the camera.}
How's that for colourful?


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