Tunnel Time

So to complete the recap of Snow Day #1, we spent some time late afternoon building a tunnel system and it was just so much fun to be PLAYING together as a family. If I've learned one thing being snowed in it's this: stop doing and start playing. I do play with my kids a fair bit so I don't wanna beat myself up. And yet, often I get so caught up on the task at hand that I don't put stuff down to play. It often translates into me just wanting to be done working so I don't let the kids join me in the task because it'll just slow me down.

But today was just a beautiful day to stop. Drop. And roll. Around in the snow. With the kids. Enjoying them for who God created them to be - fun little critters who just wanna play.

She is beautiful!

Such a fun, FUN daddy.

All in all, the best day of mothering I've had in a long, long time.


Grayson said…
what a great time!!

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