Maddie's Room ... {before}

So, a week ago we tackled Maddie's room. And by tackle I do mean TACKLE. Talk about disaster zone.

{Sorry for the blurry pics - I kept tripping over the junk. Seriously}

See, told you. I'm not sure how it goes from a clean to hazardous zone so quickly but it does. It's like the "poof-let's-ruin-a-clean-room" monster zips in there when nobody is watching and all quick-like pulls stuff out of the drawers and throws it into the air. And wherever it lands, there it stays. And stays. And stays.

We did get the room cleaned up and re-arranged.

But alas, I didn't get a picture of it, and it is now trashed again. So maybe today we'll straighten it up and then tomorrow we might do the big reveal. And you can all fall off your chairs because everything will be in its' place.

For about an hour.


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