Little Buddy Likes Blondes

So this is something just discovered about little buddy.

Last night I let the kids stay up a little late watching downhill skiing with me. And there was a quick shot of one of the skiers before the race doing an interview and without missing a beat Jackson piped up from the Lazy Boy, "Wow, SHE'S pretty!!!" {Exclamation his}. I smiled and agreed that she was totally pretty. She had to be in her early 20s. Long blonde hair. Cute face. He was right. She was pretty.

So I guess little buddy is gonna like blondes.

But then he got out of said Lazy Boy, wandered around to my chair, grabbed my head and brought it down to his face and whispered in my ear, "You're pretty too, Mommy." He smiled this knock-out smile, turned and jumped into the chair.

I let him stay up 'til midnight.


Julie K. said…
*melt* Oh my gosh. Sweetness. Love. Mommy meltdown right there. Hope that one lasts you all week!! :) xo
Ake said…

Hey Alysa how can I subscribe to your blog using rss feed - do you know?

Love ya
Alysa said…
oh rach- i have no idea - julie, do you? she's techy. =)
Jack said…
Rach - here's the feed URL...

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