Just a Few of My Faves

Okay, if you know me at all, you know that picking favorites of ANYTHING is a challenge. I could never, ever, pick a favorite song. Or a movie. These days I can't even pick a favorite color.

It kind of boils down to this: it depends on what mood I'm in. It depends on who I'm with. It depends on what's going on in my life at any given time. Does that make sense or am I just a nut case?

So with that being said, I do have a few standard favorites that I thought I'd share.

Wedding & Family Photography: By far, my absolute very favorite photographers are mike & bobbi. You can check them out here. They are brilliant in their photo skills. They seem like the funnest duo around and if they had been around when Jack and I got married I would have hired them, no matter the cost. THAT's how much I love them.

Favorite Baby Photographers: Okay, so there are a lot of great baby photographers out there, but I've stumbled on this site and oh mercy - just check it out

Favorite Blog to check every single morning and multiple times throughout the day, JUST in case she were to post twice in one day: Megan's blog: Whatever. Check it out here and you'll probably be addicted.

Favorite February 2011 Music: I am SO into this song these days. Kari Jobe's "You Are For Me" song.

Favorite church EVER: My church, South Park Church. Check them out
here. Come join us. The people rock. The pastor does, too. I just love everything about my church.

My favorite moving story I'm following in blog-land, even though I've never met these people: I somehow stumbled upon
this blog in recent months and I find myself so drawn to peek in on their journey. I'll admit. I sob at times. So raw. So touching. Cancer is so wrong.

My favorite Etsy shop: My friend Julie is this amazingly talented friend. She has a trillion ideas rumbling around that cute head of hers and not only do they rumble, she then makes them happen. Check out here stuff
here. I mean, seriously, I've never met anyone {other than my Aunt Shirley} who does not procrastinate like this gal. Bada-bing-bada-boom, voila, the craft is done!

My favorite Diet Coke: {really people, does this need explanation?} You know the answer!

My favorite new thing I want to try: So, I've heard a lot about 'art journaling' over the past two years. Julie has done it. I've followed it on other peoples' blogs. This blog has a great description of what it is and how to do it. Check it out
here. I've thought a lot about trying 'mixed media' ... and I did. This morning. I tried it and I'm hooked.

This past month at church we've been touching on spiritual disciplines, one of which is the discipline of journaling. I used to journal all the time. And then kids happened and that art went by the wayside. So I said to myself last week, after reading this brilliant post {mentioned above}, "Self, go get yourself a sketch pad and just start. Mix the two - journaling and art." And so I obeyed myself and marched immediately out to Michael's, got the supplies and promptly sat down in my laundry room and created this morning. Here goes. {Paint and pen on this page}

Favorite Table: This little beauty
has been the source of a wee bit of, shall we say, tension between the hubster and myself. He sees it as clutter and junk that has been sitting around forever. I see it as potential and great 'bones' and with just a little bit of special lovin' it'll turn into the perfect side table for our dining room. And so, being inspired by my non-procrastinating friend, Julie, 8 months later I have jumped into the project and have sanded, and painted coat #1, with coat #2 to happen tomorrow. Followed promptly by coat #3. I promise. And then I shall show you the 'after' shot. And I think you'll side with me on this being a new favorite table.
And that, sweet blogland friends, is about all the faves I can handle on any given day. Here's to a stellar Saturday. Step out and try something new. Or, go take a nap. Whichever suits your fancy. I might just do both!


Courtney Walsh said…
love the art journal!! I've done a few pages but it never seems to stick with me...I think I'm not patient enough...when I journal it's fast and furious!! :) You make me want to try it again!

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