And Then There Was Day Two

Blizzard 2011. Snow Day #1 made the history books. 3rd largest amount of snow on record in Chicago {20.3 inches or something like that}. Chicago Public Schools closed down, the first time in twelve years.

We had a super great day. Check
here and here for a recap on the fun we had.

And we got the news that CPS would close down again today. Two days in a row. In theory that is FANTASTIC news. In reality, it's bitter cold outside {think negatives} so we're indoors driving each other in sane.

I just wonder how it can go from just a perfect "Snow Day #1" to, well, um, non-perfect the next? Is it just me or are other mothers out there just praying that there isn't a Day #3 in the making? In fact, I'm so hoping for school tomorrow that I'm secretly, deep-down, wishing that they'd take our kids from 9am - 9pm tomorrow, to make up for lost time. {Just kidding, it really hasn't been that bad.}

As I perused Facebook today it was rather funny to see everyone 'crashing.' Comments like, "Please let there be school tomorrow." And "I'll take your 2 kids if you take my 4." Ya, we all wanted to send the little people in our lives back to school.

Here's to dreaming that tomorrow is a school day:

It was great while it lasted, folks. Great while it lasted. But now, Old Man Winter, let up and let us out.


Grayson said…
u were not alone! i had to come up with all these activities to keep Triston's mind pumping bc a lazy day of movies just wasnt working for him. we wer not on the same page. We filled the day w science experiments and books. i was exhausted! no break from teaching for me! that science stuff is hard on my brain! daddys turn next time
Kacie said…
And we here in DFW had FOUR. :) Isaac and our roomate Steph both have cabin fever, but Isaac's attempt to get out and meet friends yesterday was met with two slides to the side of the road and a normally 10 minute drive taking 30 minutes... so he just came home.

I, on the other hand, am so thankful for this!

And our other roomate Asher is working long nights at the Sheraton serving the celebs that are in town partying for the Superbowl! What a weird week.

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