We Love Our Town

We recognize that the city is not for everyone. Lots hate the traffic, even more folks hate the busy-ness. Parking is a nightmare and crazy driving puts some over the edge.


We LOVE our city, and despite the long, COLD, winters, Chicago is one of the best in the world. Period.

This past weekend we went to check out a photography exhibit at the Chicago Cultural Center.
Sadly, I've never been to this little jewel of a place but I will be back, if only to sit down and read in their rather large, old school, grand library-ish room filled with great big old tables. It's the place for the intellectual in me - way, deep down inside of me that I never, ever let surface. {Okay, sadly, there's probably not an intellectual bone in my body, but a girl has to pretend} Somehow I just feel the pull to go back, with my reading glasses because they make me feel all smart-like. At least I can spell Shakespeare. I wonder if the guy that worked on this section of the building lost his job after his 'reveal' of his work?

The reason for the jaunt downtown? Vivian Maier's work has recently surfaced - a street photographer extraordinaire. You can check her out
here to get a glimpse into her story. I have to say, HANDS DOWN, she is now my favorite ever photographer. I can't even begin to tell you how her work moves me. Each photo begged me to stand and search for more clues as to what was going on in the scene. Some moved me to near tears, some made me chuckle. Most, however, just left me awed. If you get the chance and you live anywhere near Chicago, it would be worth your time and effort to see the small exhibit. Eighty photographs in all so far, but upwards of 100,000 that are still being uncovered.

Aunt Denise came with us, which the kids were very excited about ...

Jackson wasn't so much interested in the history of the Chicago Cultural Museum.

And what's a trip downtown without finding a local dive ... Borinquen, the Puerto Rican home of the jibarito sandwich. To. DIE.for. Delisch, but not nutrisch.

Fun day out in Chicago. You really must try it, especially if you live here.


Kacie said…
Ya for the CCC and for jibaritos! You make me miss Chi-town. I can't even tell you how many events I catered at the CCC - it was one of my very favorite venues to work, and some of the rooms are just gorgeous for weddings. Did you make it to the top floor, south end of the building? They have the largest tiffany glass stained glass dome in the world, and the room is just stunning. Magical.
Kim said…
I love the cultural center - such a gorgeous building - when I took some photography classes at Columbia a few years back they brought us there to shoot - I think it is architecturally one of the coolest buildings! Hope you are well Alysa!

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