Random Things You Might Not Know

  • I don't know what I did to the format of this post but I can't get it back to normal. Sorry.
  • I was recently thinking about the fact that I really feel blown away by the quality of friendships that I have around the globe. I do count it as one of my favorite blessings; friendship. And then I got to thinking, you know, some of my newer friends {like in the last decade or the last year} really have no idea as to the gal I used to be ... and some of my old-time friends, friends that I don't get to be with daily, monthly or even yearly, might not know the gal that I have become ... and so I said to myself, "Self, why not make up your own little self-questionnaire to give people a glimpse into you." Just for the fun of it. I wish everyone would do this.
Oh, above, I'm the one the 2nd from the right, the one with shirt that says "hell" because my funny Uncle thought he'd cover up the "o" at the end of hello. I think I was five. Nice.

I know it might be rather presumptuous that any of you would even want to know this info, but I will say I absolutely LOVE these types of things when other bloggers or emailers do it - you know, answering the questions that are floating around cyber-space. And so, if this isn't your thing, just skip it ... but if it is your thing, enjoy. And maybe, just maybe, you'll get a little bit more of a glimpse into the life of Alysa Anne.
    • I used to wear bright red lipstick. All the time. And snug fitting trendy jeans and white t-shirts. I was the poster gal for GAP. Was.
    • I also used to wear bright nail polish and most often could be seen with my nails painted. Continuously. Now, not so much. {But Clare, I am working on this, AND, I'm working on my make-up application. You'd be proud, I'm very into lavender right now.}

    • I used to wear hats all the time and loved them. And now, I've somehow fallen into the dreaded "mommy trap" where I leave the house looking like crap and really don't care because, well, I was up 3 times that night and got a total of 5 hours sleep, completely interrupted so leave me alone people. {Note to self: Stop doing this.}

    • I love heavy metal 80s music {shame, shame, I know} and still do. Sorry Mom.

    • At one point I wanted to be a wedding coordinator and would have done a brilliant job at it if I do say so myself. Now I want to be a wedding photographer and am excited about those possibilities. And we'll see; maybe after my first wedding I might realize it's just too much work, but I secretly doubt it. I've always had a thing for weddings; maybe it's just the dreamer in me!

    • I've always disliked mean people. Still do. As in, zero tolerance.

    • I never thought I would yell at my kids because I hate seeing other moms do that. But then reality set in and kids drive me insane. And so sadly, I yell more than I ever wanted to or ever should. But, I'm working on this, and am thankful for God's mercies that are new every single morning.
    • I love being kissed on the cheek by my hubster. Did and still do.

    • If asked what color was my favorite a decade or two ago, hands down I would have said red {a good blue red, not an orange red}. But now, I have to say that I couldn't stick to one favorite because I really do love ALL color, even puke green. But, if I had to pick a new favorite combo it would be the right color of blue/green and chocolate brown!

    • I used to love nature ... and still do and find that is the place where I see God and feel God and know God the best. May it always be this way.

    • Until my early 20s I couldn't stand most fruit, most veggies or salads. I would go through a salad bar and get a bowl of croutons. {This might explain some things.} But now, I do like quite a variety, even eating asparagus and various types of fruit and I have to say that in moderation, I enjoy a nice salad. Mom was right - keep trying things a little at a time and eventually you'll like them.

    • Mercy I was huge when I was pregnant. Yikes.

    • Given the choice for the 'perfect' day, both decades ago and today, it would absolutely begin with sleeping in until I woke up, eating out for a yummy big breakfast, taking a nap in the afternoon, and then going out to do something fun in the evening. THAT sounds delightful right this minute.

    • I'm speedy, all the time, which simply means lots of things break, lots of things spill, and lots of messes accumulate.

    • I just LOVE me a good jeep. Jack has promised that once both kids are out of the house he'll buy me one - an old beat up, big phatty phat tires and a kickin' stereo system. That's all I want. In the meantime, we'll borrow Davey's from time-to-time just to get a 'fix.'

    • I'm always frustrated by things that don't work properly. Like, if a battery is supposed to fit in a toy a certain way and doesn't, I really do want to pick up the toy and throw it against a wall. And I'm not kidding, that's really what I want to do. I've always been this way but I'm trying to break free of that bad habit. I can deal with irritating people situations quite beautifully, most of the time, but really, objects that don't do as they're supposed to do just about push me off the cliff.

      I love travel - this one above was taken in Bali, Indonesia, in a rice field. Oh Indonesia, how I miss you. Let me count the ways.

    • I always wanted to be an Olympic gymnast or an ice skater or track and field gal. And now, I simply want to sleep 8 hours in a row at night. Standards have drastically fallen.

  • In my 20s I wanted 4 kids. Then I had one. And after much prayer and trepidation, I had 2. And that is, as they say, 'all she wrote.'
    • I love all flowers. ALL. Even weeds that look like flowers. If I had my perfect garden it would be an English garden with nooks and crannies and patches of garden that are actually organized but 'look' disorganized. I love fields of wild flowers. I love fresh flowers and if money were no object I would splurge every week and have big bouquets of flowers all over my home. And I'm not kidding - THAT's how much I love flowers. And for as much as I love flowers, this bouquet was NOT what I showed the florist. I wanted SMALL and understated and look what I got. Um, HELLO hugest bouquet EVER. {With maybe the exception of Alice's bouquet. Now THAT brought huge bouquet to a whole new level.}Well, I think that's about all for today. I seriously don't want this to come across as self-promoting. I just have sort of hit a 'blog' block recently and really haven't felt like blogging, but I'm jumping back in with both feet. And this was so fun to think random, nothing thoughts. Come on, do the same thing on your blog. I'm dying to know little tidbits about you, too!


cclarebear said…
just quietly, i LOVE lavender :P
and red lipstick.
not necessarily together. but not necessarily not together.
Cleary said…
Being aware of who you are is fabulous - not self promoting!
Kacie said…
alysa, you crack me up. THis was hilarious to read.
Alice said…
I think we can learn a valuable lesson from this. When we want a small, understated bouquet, you know, like for our next weddings, we'll tell the florist to please make the biggest, most grandiose arrangement they can possibly conceive. Maybe then we'll somehow get the bridal bouquet we want. And now somehow I'm feeling it is all too late, and we must just embrace our ginormous bouquets as they are.
Alysa said…
Alice, you make me chuckle!
becko said…
How fun was THAT to read and see! I've been wanting to do something like this too.
Thanks for the great post!
Mae said…
Next time I think you should write about you time at the Royal Conservatory Festival in the Soo, playing your piano piece.
Alysa said…
MOTHER!!!!!! how dare you!

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