polka dots and stripes

I'm gonna tippy-toe out to the mailbox today, hoping that our next two Waltons dvds have arrived in their beautiful red envelopes. If you're looking for some good, wholesome, amazing things to watch, then rush out, grab the first season. Get your Kleenex ready. Get your vision ready for what your family or sphere of influence could look like as you watch family and community unfold before you.

Each dvd comes with three episodes and we find ourselves going late into the night saying, "Okay, just one more and then we'll hit the hay." And then that one finishes and we can hardly stop ourselves from popping some corn and pressing play on the main menu.

If you're not addicted within the first three episodes I'll wear my polka dots and stripes to the prom, in the snow. I will. And you can't stop me.

{Oh, and while you're at it, pick up Little House on the Prairie, too. Talk about another amazing show.}


Alice said…
Well, I am not a fan of Little House on the Prairie, but we LOVE The Waltons at our house. Everyone always laughs about the "goodnight John-Boy," but it is a fantastic show. Have you seen the ep, "Grandma--I cherish you" yet? Serious tears. But MaryEllen annoys me to death. OK, I'm done now. :-)
Alysa said…
Alice, Alice, Alice. This might be our first disagreement ever. You don't like Little House? WHY? Oh mercy, I about had a grabber when I read that! But, I'll still love ya anyway... =)
Alice said…
I'm sorry! I HATE it! I think because it's really nothing like the books, and you know I would be a pokey old purist about that. Darren has these great childhood memories of watching it, and one of my great joys when it ever comes on and he's nearby is to keep saying throughout, "See, that never really happend." Bugs the pants off him. So fun! :-)

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