Miner Mike's in MO

I had to dedicate a whole post to the 4 plus hours of fun our family had at this place. Seriously, well worth the $14 admission. Unlimited rides. Fun in this gigantic maze {like think of the biggest McDonald's playland, minus the urine smell, and make it about 30 times bigger and that's what you've got! And I'm not exaggerating.}

Honestly, after seeing Jackson's delight going on this little train roller coaster it made me want to call up Disney World and say, "We'll see ya next week! Book us the biggest, baddest, package deal you can because we're takin' Disney by storm."

So here are just some {okay, ALL} of my favorite Miner Mike's family pictures.

And that, my friends, is a wrap. How's that for a ba-zillion family photos.


amywb said…
That first photo is just awesome!
Alice said…
Looks like the dads were having just as much fun as the sons. The pics of your mom crack me up. She's got the oh-so-familiar "I hate rides but I'm doing this out of love" look.
Grayson said…
were you referring to Jack or Jackson's expression?! Hilarious. Obvious Jack had blast, too. I love each and everyone of Jackson's expressions! He is so animated!! And your mom is like "when is it over?" but I agree w Alice-doing it for love.

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