Maddie's Christmas Surprise

So for about four years now Maddie has been periodically begging for earrings. I mean, really begging, as it has just been her little heart's desire to have her ears pierced.

And forever, we've been saying, "Not until you're 16." Or, "Nope. You're too young." And she's been sad and frustrated by that, wondering why SHE isn't able to get her ears pierced when she sees little kids half her age with sparkly jewels in their ears.

It got to the point where she would say, "Can I get my ears pierced? I know, I know, NOT UNTIL I'M OLDER!!!"
{emphasis hers}

So Jack and I did some discussing a few weeks back and decided that we would shock the livin' daylights out of her and surprise her for Christmas with earrings and a note saying she could get her ears pierced the week of Christmas break.

I didn't get my ears pierced until high school. Jack's sister didn't either. We just felt like it was one of those things that didn't need to happen at an early age. Personal preference. But the more we thought it through, the more we thought the following:

1) It really is her little personality to wear sparkly jewels. She's a unique individual, with a flair for fashion and being her own person. She's artsy and eclectic and wants to be who she is. She is delighted by pretty clothes and jewelry and sweet shoes. For as much as she is a tom boy, she is so ALL girl, too. Crafts, cooking, baking, more crafts, stuffed animals and dolls and sparkles ...

2) Some day, not too far off in the distance, we will be having to set some pretty strict rules that she's not going to like ... like clothing she will and won't be able to wear as modesty in our society is pretty much a lost art these days. Or places she won't be able to go. Or parties she won't get to attend. You get the picture. And the reality is, we're not gonna be very popular for some of the stances we will take. And we will take them.

So we thought that since the whole 'earring' thing really is just a personal preference thing, why not let her have that treat so that she knows that when possible, we will strive to let her express herself and who God made her to be. It's one of those, "Do we want to die on this hill, or save our battles for other, more important hills?"

I have to say, I was SO excited to give her this gift because she had NO idea it was happening and I knew she would just never in a million years expect.

She opened the box and saw the earrings and here's what she said later about what she thought when she saw the earrings. "Mom KNOWS I don't have my ears pierced, why would she give me earrings?"

And then she opened the rolled-up-note and her mouth dropped open and she could HARDLY contain her excitement. She hung on our necks saying, "THANK YOU!" She was just BLOWN AWAY. She squealed and was so happy and just was grinning from ear-to-ear. This will go down as one of my favorite Christmas memories ever.

To delight a child is such a joy. Every so often we'd hear her say, "Just pinch me. Is it real? Do I get to get my ears pierced?"

I'm so glad we changed our mind and I'm so glad we re-evaluated and didn't just stick with our decision because dog-gone-it, that was our decision and we're stickin' to it. A good lesson. Be willing to at least re-evaluate. Doesn't mean you always change your mind but I'm so glad we at least talked through the issue ...

So here she is before ...

Her first thought was sparkly cubic zarconia's (sp?) and then I pointed out that she could have any of the 'birthstone' stones and she saw July's ruby and she was sold. Ruby it was and she couldn't believe that they were actually real little rubies. Her grin was priceless.

And she was quite brave. The little girl that went before her was bawling but Maddie just sat up in the chair, gave a slight nervous grin and let Martin pop both ears with the little gun thingy. She didn't shed a tear and afterwards said it startled her and stung but I think the excitement far outweighed the fear.

And here she is with her sweet 'real ruby' earrings.

Between her new glasses and earrings, she is just growing up right before our eyes.

Our little sweet sweets.

Another milestone.


cclarebear said…
That's so cute - lucky girl had a fantastic christmas!!
I don't really get why pierced ears are such a big deal anyway... I had mine done at 2 but I still remember how it hurt.
Anyway... good on ya for caving ;) She looks so happy!
amywb said…
what an excellent gift - knowing and delighting your child! again, I'll say it, great mom! (and dad)

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