Gingerbread Nativity

Our church {have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE our church?} does this annual 'build your own nativity out of gingerbread event' and it's a lot of fun. You buy the kit and they have it ready for you and then they have all the fixings and you just create your own nativity.

Maddie was in charge of ours this year; she had a vision for what she wanted it to look like. She got all the supplies organized. She told us what to do. And I sat back and didn't do a whole lot. My job was making sure Jackson didn't eat too many of the m&m's.

I forgot the camera {again} so I didn't get any dalam process
{that's Indonesian for 'in process' - I like to throw in Indonesian every so often just because I can!}

We finished, packed up and headed up the stairs and we didn't even get OUT OF THE CHURCH BUILDING and THIS happened.

{And I'd tell you that this is year #2 for this happening but I don't want to discourage you.}

Voila. Here's our delightful little gingerbread nativity.

All smushed up.

But still worth the fun!


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