**pictures in this post are from an I-phone**

Last weekend Jack's dad took us to see the musical "Annie". Third row. So close. SO FUN.

The kids were overjoyed; their very first musical and hopefully the first of many, many to come. They know this musical well and often, when asked to do something they don't want to do, will break out into "It's a hard knock life ..."

Jackson was spiffed up in his suit coat and I'm telling you, I could have eaten him up. Totally adorable.

Maddie in her sparkly dress alongside Annie after the show.

There's something magical about kids experiencing larger than life events. They were mesmerized and at one point Jackson blurted out {loudly I might add}, "I do NOT like Miss Hannigan!!!" And everyone within three rows burst out laughing.

Thanks Pops for a wonderful evening out on the town.


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