What I've Been Up To

Many of you have emailed over the past 3 weeks, asking where the blog posts were ... well, they were put aside while I was crankin' out a scrapbook for my friend Judy, another friend to reach the 40 milestone marker.

I do love scrapbooking, especially in my new studio.

{Sorry 'bout the fuzzy picture - I was in a race to get the book to Justin in time and at the last minute realized I hadn't taken any pics.}
And so, that's what I've been up to, and loving every last minute of it. I had to avoid Judy like the plague because I was most sure I would slip and say something like, "Oh, Justin's so busy in Israel isn't he, he hasn't had a second to email me his letter for you?" Or, "Boy, does your daughter EVER look like you did when you were 3."
Now to recover and pull stuff together for the next scrapbook that begins this Friday. My friend Kim, who lost her husband John last year, would like to put a scrapbook together of his life. I'm so thankful to be able to do this with her and for her as a tribute to her amazing husband, John. My hope is that this will aid in the healing process for both she and the kids. I'm anticipating that it will be a difficult weekend, filled with many tears, as the reality of his passing is once again right in front of me. I still, a year and a few months later, cannot believe that he's gone.


Grayson said…
but what a treasure for them to have as they heal themselves, thanks to you!

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