Somebody Just Entered the 21st Century

November 24th, TWENTY.TEN marked an historical day in my life. A day I fought off for a long, long time.

I got my first cell phone. EVER. {Well, I do take that back - I did have one the size of a large suitcase that was in the trunk of my car back in the early 90s, for emergency only, but that's it.}

No really, I'm not lying, not teasing, not exaggerating. I got a cell phone in the year two thousand and ten. Actually, I can't take any credit; Jack did all the leg work, got it all lined up and handed me my very own phone complete with accoutrements and I've now entered the land of the 21st century.

Thoughts on all this?

100 percent mixed emotions. I'll love the convenience of being able to make quick-like phone calls just to say hello. I'll love the convenience of letting someone know I'm stuck in traffic and running late, if that happens. {You know I hate being late.} With starting up my own business I have to be accessible to my clients and will keep up with this aspect of my cell phone for sure.

But I already hate the thought of being behind on one more "personal" thing. I can't keep up with facebook and have a ba-zillion of those personal emails to respond to. I can't keep up with regular email {you don't even want to know how many are sitting in my in-bin}. I don't often get friends and family called back that leave messages on our home machine. I feel perpetually behind on phone calls and emails. ALL.THE.TIME. I might not have been popular in high school, {which I know you find hard to believe} but maybe, just maybe, now that I'm in my 40s I'm just too popular for my own good. {*she says as she laughs out loud*}

And so, I tell you I have a cell phone with fear and trembling because I know right now I probably won't always get you called back if you leave a message {except for clients that is - THAT will be a priority and won't be a problem at all}. But, just know that if I don't email or call you back, it's nothing personal. Ever. It's simply that I only have so many hours in the day. So don't be mad, 'kay?

And so begins the new century. I'm simply livin' it up.

A new business in the making.

A a kid with new glasses.

And a new cell phone.

I guess good things come in threes. And now I must stop blogging and go return emails, facebooks and phone calls. Ahh, the life of a popular gal.


Grayson said…
this is ironic bc i was going to GIVE you my iphone for those same reasons, especially your photo business but then charito told me my contract does not end til after Feb and if i buy a new phone now it will cost us extra $150...yeah ill wait it out! congrats !!!
Kacie said…
I have a love/hate relationship with my phone too. I know a lot of people that are offended with people don't answer calls. I refuse to give in - my cell phone is usually on silence and often not in the same room as me. I don't want to be immediately at everyone's fingertips.

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