Nicole and Joe Come to Town

This post could also be called, "Represent Your Local Gangsta." Everyone but Kristin keep reading.
So, Nicole and Joe {remember them from here} came for a Chicago visit and we snuck in a couple of engagement photo shoots.

So this next picture was our favorite moment. We were in an alley, setting up a shot, and out of the shadows of nowhere walks this guy, shouting his gang name, saying gd's are the best {I'm gonna refrain from using their actual name because I don't want the feds knockin' down my door.}
Anyway - he proceeds to ask if I'd take a picture of him. Being the savvy city gal that I am, I know there's this fine line you walk when talkin' with certain characters that roam the city. You have to be nice enough so you don't irk them, yet distant enough so they don't mug you. It's tricky like that. And so I worked my magic, did the dance, told him I'd take his picture and so I did; all while he was actually teaching Nicole and Joe his gang symbol. He might wanna consider a career in education; Nicole got the hang of it almost immediately. Joe, on the other hand. Not so much. But "A" for effort. Of course, as we were leaving he asked for money, we said no thanks, and quickly got outta dodge. And laughed the rest of the weekend. You must always represent your local gangsta. Always.

So here are just a few from the weekend; some from downtown and some from an industrial area not too far from home.

Joe, I said "Lean against the wall." I didn't say "Do your best gumbie."

May you always be each other's fallout shelter.

Are they fun or what?

They were great sports and I have to hand it to Joe. He's quite the poser, willing to strike a pose at any moment.

This last one is my favorite because it captures their relationship. They're crazy about each other. Joe makes Nicole laugh out loud and often. You know the kind; that belly kind of laughter that you just know will carry their marriage for the decades to come.

July is coming, guys! Enjoy your Chicago shots.


Julie K. said…
Alysa! These are gorgeous!!! I can really see your talent coming along in these. My faves are the city bus scene, the loading docs, and the news stand ... great job!!
cclarebear said…
That is very possibly the best beard I have ever seen.

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