Fall Fun With Friends

We've had Triston over for a couple of play dates the past few weeks and the boys have had so much fun just being together.

From lots of time around the train table to jumping in the leaves they've just enjoyed being together. It's like they're little old men that have been separated for years.

Jackson to Triston, "Triston, where do you go to school now? I don't see you at ________."

Triston to Jackson, "Jackson, I'm older now so I go to ___________."

Jackson. "Oh, that's great, Triston."

And on it goes. Conversation after little conversation.

Jackson cries when Triston has to go home and asks incessantly when our next visit will be.

I love that he has little buddies that he absolutely loves. May he always be surrounded by good friends.

Oh, hello gorgeous girl.


cleary said…
How many gorgeous photos can one photographer take? :)
Grayson said…
Cleary, I agree!
Thanks for the smile to my morning! Love the action shots and the huge grins on Jackson's face are incredible. And lets not forget the beauty we call Maddie!!

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