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Maddie's language arts magnet school, which we love, has a special poetry program for the 3rd and 4th grade students. During a 20-week program, poets come to the classrooms to guide students in reading and discussing published poetry and then encourage the students in writing and presenting their own poetry.

I had no idea this was even happening until just last week when Maddie excitedly mentioned that we should check the poetry website because her poem had been chosen for that particular week. And so we did.

And I have to say, I was blown away at her poem. Brilliant, if I do say so myself, and since it's my blog and my child, I'm allowed to say so myself. And I try, whenever possible, to throw in the word 'brilliant' in honor of my former student Rachel, who resides in England. Because those English folks just have the best words and the best delivery of those words. {I secretly wish to be British. Shhh.}

I leave you with Madison C.'s poem from last week.

Madison C.

The voices of kids die down.
The leaves sway in the breeze.
Evening is here.

Birds tuck their little ones in.
Owls open their eyes.
Evening is here.

The colors of the sunset rise,
pink, purple, blue, green, red, orange.
Evening is here.

The moon rises.
The sun goes down.
Evening is here.

And here is that sweet, sweet poet, Miss Madison C.

She typically does not like to see her picture on my blog, or anything about her on my blog but when I asked her if I could share her poem on the internet she excitedly said, "YES. I'm going to be famous!"

Oh I love that girl.


Grayson said…
WOW she is brilliantly talented!!!!!! my gut was right on about that girl way back when! Maddie-
You are always famous in my heart!
Sara (Mrs. Cacal)
Linda Scott said…
Even people in Canada read your poems....Great job Maddie...

Linda & Paul Scott
pinsandneedles said…
I love Maddie's poem! Great job!
cleary said…
Gorgeous, brilliant, phenomenal, moving.

Cheers to Maddie!
Ake said…
Oooh nice one Maddie - and definitely "brilliant" worth!

Thanks for the shout out for us Brits there Alysa, we'll take you as you are, cuz you're pretty brilliant yourself.

Lots of love,
Rachel xxx
Julie K. said…
Oh my gosh ... you have to frame that. A glimpse into a sweet creative and talented girl's mind. I so LOVE this. Way to go Maddie! Can't wait to watch her blossem!!

Cleary said…
I had the same thought as Julie - needs to be printed and framed for sure!
becko said…
BRILLIANT! I'm so proud of you Maddie! You have talent. =)
Becky (Mrs. O'Hearn)
Mae said…
I'm very impressed, a very thought provoking poem. Way to go, Maddie.
Anonymous said…
I have to agree with all the comments above! I am proud of you Maddie. Keep up the great work.


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