Driving Along in my Auto-Mobile

Yesterday morning began early. In fact, I saw my first sunrise in, oh, about a dozen years. Beautiful drive along Lake Shore Drive ... {the camera was in the trunk or you'd be seeing a picture right now.}

Naomi, my traveling companion and dear, dear friend, is getting married on Saturday, so I'm down here in Nashville to help with wedding week stuff. Cake ordering, dress picking up, errand running, memory making ... all those great things.

So the drive was perfect. Just as I thought. Quiet. Diet Coke. Music blasting but then hours of total silence, too. Sunroof open wide. Windows down. Diet Coke. My favorite way to drive. FAVORITE. I tucked in behind this car going very fast and cruised along at a nice clip. Sorry Officer Simpson but I couldn't resist. The day was too perfect for road tripping, which involves speeding. Sorry for breaking the law, but I guess, if you don't get caught, were you really breaking the law? Hmmm. Something to think about.

I stopped at a great antique mall along the way, thinking of Kristin and Melissa the whole time.

Nay made yummy cabrese (not sure how to spell this) salad for dinner. Tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, basil, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar.
Delicious and I do think this is going to be the "Week of Cabrese Salad" ... every night. Totally healthy, totally delicious. My new favorite.

I'm sleeping on her screened in porch, and listened to nature noises all night long. Beautiful. Relaxing. And awoke to exposed brick.
Love that, too.

Now I'm off to a walk around Lake Radnor ... and then errands for Nay.

A perfect day. A lazy day.

I feel reading and napping in my near future.



Sara said…
I LOVE caprese salads! indulge honey!
Cleary said…
Caprese salad is fabulous! On another note...if Maddie reasoned that she wasn't doing something wrong cuz you didn't catch her, what would you say? LOL!!! Just messin' with you. Glad you enjoyed your drive (and didn't get a ticket).
Anonymous said…
This is Officer Simpson and I don't appreciate your flagrant disrespect for the law meant to protect you and John Q Public. Remember, your name and address is kept on file and I know where you are. Next time you are speeding... I'll be there. When you change lanes without signaling... I'll be there. When you drive on the shoulder to pass a car before exiting the highway... I'll be there.

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