You are NOT going to believe this

So, you remember my post on Maddie's new school. Well, get a load of this.

The morning after we told Maddie about her new school, she shed some tears about the reality of being the new person at her new school. She wouldn't have any friends. She wouldn't know anybody. She was sad. Big crocodile tears sad. She said she was still excited about her new school, just sad that she would be the only one without any friends.

I assured her that because of who she is, that she would have friends before the first day of school ended. Because that's our Maddie. But still, her little heart was heavy, and that made me sad, too.

{So that was last Thursday morning.}

{Really, you're not going to believe this next part, but it's true. I promise.}

I knew that today, Tuesday, August 25th, anywhere between 9am - 2pm, we would be going to her school to register, but the teachers wouldn't be back yet (they come back September 1st), so I pretty much figured it would just be us and the office staff.

But, I began to pray that God would somehow provide a way where Maddie could meet at least one little friend that day, so that she would know someone on the first day of school and not feel so lonely. I actually prayed that somehow there would be other people registering at the same time as us so that we could meet them, simply to set Maddie's little mind at ease.

{Buckle up.}

So I prayed and I prayed. And then I prayed some more. Simple prayers, really. Praying that maybe, just maybe, the office staff would even offer to call a couple of moms from Maddie's class to see if they would want to meet Maddie prior to school. Prayers from a mommy's heart for the comfort of her daughter. Just one little friend, Lord. That's all.

{Really, here it comes.}

So we arrived and went to the office to get the paperwork. We settled ourselves down outside the office and began filling out form after form. Beside us was a sweet lady, both of us saying good morning and bearing down on our loads of paperwork.

And then the office lady came out and said, "Your girls' teacher happens to be in her room right now so I called her down so you could both meet her."


YOUR GIRLS? In other words, this lady sitting beside me, filling out paperwork, had a little girl in Maddie's class.

{If you know me at all, you know I jumped all over this!}

So I immediately said to the lady beside me, "Do you have a daughter going into second grade?"

She said she did. And I said, "Oh, that's fantastic. I do, too. In fact, here she comes, down the hall with her daddy." {Jack had taken her around the school to explore}

She mentioned that her daughter was new to the school, too. I quickly asked if she would be interested in getting our girls together for a play date this week, so they would each know a friend before the first day of school. And she agreed.

We exchanged numbers and set a date for Thursday at 9am.


{It gets even better.}

So, the school happens to be 1o-15 minutes from our home so I just casually said to this lady, "So where do you live?" Expecting that she lived near the school.

She told me.


YES, YOU READ THAT CORRECTLY. ONE BLOCK. As in, I could maybe, just maybe, throw a baseball at their house. No lie. {Okay, I probably couldn't, but maybe Jack could.}


So, not only does she have a new friend PRIOR to school starting, she has a new friend in our little neighbourhood, which is nowhere near the new school.

You know, Maddie could have gone to school the first day with no friends. And God would have helped her {and me} through that. And we would still cling to the fact that God is good and He led us right to this school.

So I just have to sit back and say, "Thanks, God." You didn't have to do that for us, but You did. As Jack's mom would have said, "Thank you Father."

So there you go!

Is God SO good or what?
He didn't have to do that.
But He did.


Mae said…
Thanks for sharing this blessing.
Sara said…
god's always looking out for us, even in the littlest of ways. how wonderful!

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