Panda and the Zoo Keeper

Maddie has Jackson playing a game where he is the panda, and she is the zoo keeper. She leads him all over the house and he somehow loves it. Why just yesterday, they probably played this pretend game for well over two hours. And they got along the whole time. WOW. Why didn't she invent this game YEARS ago?

It's all well and good, except for one tiny detail. Read on.

Maddie: {just as pleasant as could be} "Come on Hideous. Let's get you something to eat. You must be hungry, Hideous."

Me: {sharp tone of voice} "Hideous????? What???? Maddie, you can NOT call him that. You know better. Now pick a different name right NOW!"

Jackson: {Wailing and gnashing of teeth.} "But mom, Hideous is my name. Call me Hideous!!!! My name is HIDEOUS!"

Me: {I gave up, turned around, left the room and promptly burst into laughter.}

How has Maddie even HEARD that word? And to hear Jackson calling HIMSELF that word. Oh boy. I think the psych bills are gonna be big some day. It's a good thing I know a psychologist!


Kacie said…
That is HILARIOUS. I just shared with my entire household.
Mae said…
This has made me laugh all week.
Alice said…
That is some awesome older sister torment. She is brilliant.
Benjamin said…
This has me laughing so hard, I'm in tears. Children are precious!

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