On My Way


Very soon.

I'm heading to Nashville.

For one entire week.


One ENTIRE week.

{To give a little perspective, it's not like I do this often. In fact, Jackson is 3.5 and I've never left him for more than a weekend. So this is a REAL treat for me.}

What this means for me?

SLEEP. Naps. Closing my eyes for just a few minutes whenever I feel like it.



TIME with my dear friend Naomi, who is getting married on Saturday. We'll be planning and organizing and getting ready for her big day. Girl time. Reminiscing time. SO FUN. SO up my alley. In fact, so much so, that I've often thought, if I didn't have to give up so many Saturdays each year, I'd LOVE to be a wedding coordinator. Truly. I would LOVE that. But, I'm just not willing to sacrifice all my Saturdays. So, for now, I'll help with Naomi's and be very happy to do so.

CATCH UP. On friendship. Rest. Sleep. Reading. Quiet. Spiritual renewal. Time with God.

DRIVING. I'm doing a road trip. One of my favorite EVER things to do. I know, they have invented airplanes that get you where you're going so much quicker. But really. I LOVE the drive. I day-dream. I make my "to do" lists (yes, I have paper/pen handy to write down as I drive. I'm a good multi-tasker like that! Just don't tell Officer Simpson.) I pray. I sing at the top of my lungs. I listen to classical music VERY loudly. I leave the radio off and listen to complete silence.

I'll be honest, this trip is coming at the perfect time for me. My kids are driving me in-SANE. Truly. And I feel bad about saying that because I love them dearly. But really, I need to be away from them for a bit. Just a bit. A week will do.

No conversations with little people. No arguments to stop. No sassing. No whining. No discipline to give. No frustration level rising. No yelling. No tears. No wiping bottoms. No getting milk. No cleaning up the spilled milk. And have I mentioned un-interrupted sleep? Ya, Jackson is so NOT a good sleeper. STILL.

You know how I made that pact with myself awhile ago, about how I wasn't going to call mothering difficult ... sort of changing my perspective, trying to be more positive about it. Well, I've done really, really well with this. Until the last month or so ... and I've found myself just bogged down with feeling like I'm too weary to do this every day all day long.

So, the timing of this trip is impeccable. And the fact that my mom is coming down to watch the kids so that I can go for the entire week is a DREAM. More than I deserve.

I know I will come back a better mommy. More patient. More loving. More kind-hearted. Less mean-spirited. Less irritable. More like myself.

I'm looking forward to alone time. I really, really am.

I'm on my way!


Sara said…
I am all for "better mommies" and totally with you on that insanity feeling...have a feeling im gonna have several of those moments in the next month! work will do me in, i just know it. have a fabulous time and SLEEP!
Alice said…
You lucky, lucky girl! Have a wonderful trip! And congrats to Naomi!

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