Historic Day

Today marked a GREAT day for our dear friends, the Floods.

{Eric, Becky, Hannah and Abby in 2005, at Door County during our annual camping trip.}

Drum roll:::::

Today, Eric was voted in as our new Senior Pastor at that place we go every Sunday. {Remember, he doesn't want us to go to church because we ARE the church.}

The place boomed with clapping, cheering, whistling, horn-blowing and excitement as it was announced that he had been voted in. We all knew it would happen, but we had to jump through the voting hoops. So we did. We jumped. And then we did some happy dances in the aisles to show our excitement because of God calling Eric as our new leader.

I'm not going to brag on Eric, because, well, he made it very clear that he didn't want that. {And since he's my pastor now, I'd better follow his wishes, right?} Rather, I'm going to brag on God, by saying that He wired up a gifted leader ... a caring shepherd ... a dynamic teacher, and a marathon runner {which still amazes me} ... in Eric, and we CELEBRATE with our friends, the Floods, tonight, as they begin this new journey.

And Becky, you are the perfect help-mate, wife, and confidante for Eric. What a team you are. We hope you feel loved, too!

We stand alongside you both, praying that God would equip you to do every good work that He has called you each to do.

You are loved. You are precious to us!


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