Gigantic Flowers

Back in May we did the work of planting our little seeds, from our bright little packets. Maddie picked them out, including sunflowers, one of her favorite of all flowers.
We did some watering.

{And Jackson got a little carried away, watering most everything within a ten mile radius of our back yard.} Oh, and in case you were wondering, God did a lot of watering this summer {I mean, I'm not really complaining, just wishing He would have done a little less watering and a lot more sun-shining ... but that's neither here-nor-there, just personal opinion.} ...

And then, just this past week we walked out and there it was. Our first ever sunflower. And perhaps the LARGEST sunflower this side of Kansas. Honestly, it's as tall as our garage roof.

We have no signs of tomatoes, green peppers or carrots, all of which we planted. But for our first attempt, I'm thinkin' it's not too shabby. Lots of variety of flowers. We had a method to our madness in 2009. The last couple of years we've just thrown wildflower seeds to the wind and hoped for the best, but this year we actually dug rows and put the seeds in some semblance of order. Funny how that works.

And on just a very little-wee tiny minuscule scale, I feel the pride of a farmer overlooking his vast fields full of crops. We did it Charles Ingalls. We worked hard. Without the work of a John Deere. With our hands to the plow. We made it through the heat (or lack thereof) of the summer. And now, little Half-pint can go to bed satisfied. Our garden grew. Well, all except the food part. Hitch up the wagon, Pa, I need to head into town. Er, Jewel-Osco that is.

{Jack has our entire family onto the "Little House on the Prairie" kick and we LOVE that show. Wow. Tears every episode. Great story-lines. Fabulous morals. Humour. Good old-fashioned entertainment. We can't stand Nellie Oleson or her mother. And we absolutely adore the entire Ingalls family. Quick - go rent it.}


Kacie said…
Wow, that really is a HUGE sunflower! And... I used to arrange my after-school schedule around Little House. I even remember getting little crushes on some of the older boys in the later shows! Look out, Maddie!
Amber said…
I LOVED Little House on the Prairie when I was a kid...both the books and the TV show. Ooh, that's a great idea to watch those again. :)

Awesome sunflower, by the way!
Mae said…
I can't get over how big the sun flower is. I passed a field of sun flowers this afternoon and they are about a third the size of the one you have in your back yard. Way to go Alysa, Jackson and Maddie!

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