The Dentist's Chair

The dentist was crazy over Jackson. And he was just quite the big boy, acting all grown-up like. He did as he was told. He smiled and turned on the charm. He got his goodie bag so he was happy.

And Maddie; she was SO brave. The doctor had to pull one of her teeth and she took it in stride. She did the ole' panic and look up into my eyes with those pathetic puppy dog eyes that say, "Oh, mom. Don't let them do that to me! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease, NO!!!!"

But then I said, "Well, it's either daddy doing it at home without the medicine to numb you up, or the dentist doing it here, and she's the pro. She's done this before. That's what she gets paid to do. As in, for a living."

That's all it took and she said, "Okay, I'll have the dentist do it now. So I took Jackson by the hand and promptly left the room {cuz I don't do blood and pain} while they extracted the tooth and we left to get a milkshake for her bravery.

Oh, and Maddie quietly said, "So, Mommy, are you, I mean, is the "tooth fairy" {insert wink} going to give me a book like you, I mean she, always does?"

Smarty pants! And yes, the tooth fairy did give her a book for yet another tooth. How many teeth do kids have? Translation: How many books is she going to get out of this gig I set up with the tooth fairy?


Cleary said…
You might want to sign up for the Barnes & Noble member discount!
Alice said…
I love the books for teeth thing! that's a good one. You are always giving me great ideas!!
Anthony Maples said…
Hi Alysa!

It's great that both of your kids enjoyed their dental visit. My daughter Sarah also had a tooth extraction last week with the help of a dentist. In Hixson and other areas, they do give kids some treats for being very cooperative. The dentists (in Hixson and other places) took good care of her and she was smiling when we got out of the clinic.

Hope the tooth fairy would never ran out of treats. Just kidding. Thanks!

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