Chicago Weekend

Since we're not at home many weekends over the summer, we do our best to pack in the fun. This weekend was no exception.

Friday evening we went to the lake and ate tacos and swam {Okay, the rest of the family swam, I sat on the beach and loved just watching the fun.}

Saturday morning we went for a nice long family bike ride, where Jack did most of the work, pulling Maddie in our bike-cart-thingy, and Jackson on the bike seat behind him. I lolly-gagged along, taking in the scenery, providing moral support for Jack as he broke a sweat working.

Saturday afternoon Maddie attended her second birthday party this week.

Saturday evening we went out with our friends Renee and Bernie and their sweet gals, and went to a dud Chicago festival {We'd never gone to this particular one before, so we took our chances that it would be good. And it wasn't. Oh well.}
Fortunately, they're the type of people that are simply up for an adventure so it was all good and we enjoyed catching up and going out for Mexican at Taco Burrito King on Harlem.

One of our personal faves.

And then Sunday afternoon came the Chicago Air and Water show preceded by a GREAT time at our church in the morning. {more on that later}.

Jackson's personal highlight was riding the train into the city. Very, VERY exciting for a three-year-old boy who LOVES Thomas.

We got absolutely DRENCHED on the way home from the show, but it was well worth it just to be down at North Avenue beach, with oh, about a ba-zillion other folks, excited to watch our military do-their-THANG.
So, that's our weekend in a nutshell. What did you guys do?


Kacie said…
haha! During our family gatherings on Sunday we speculated that everyone at the beach must be getting soaked.... and you were. :)
Amber said…
Whew! Sounds like an awesome weekend! We spent 10 hours in the car Friday-Saturday (quick trip to Saginaw, MI) to go to a baby shower. Fun, but tiring! :)

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