The Annual Turtle Race

I think we figured out that this year was our fourth year for the "Annual Turtle Race on Maddie's Birthday" tradition. And let me tell you, each year it just gets bigger and better.

It went from haphazard chaos, to an organized "course" for the turtles to race. The pictures do the best job at telling the story.

Daddy in PREP MODE:

TEST RUN to figure out which turtle the birthday girl wants to claim as hers:
COURSE from a distance:
The crowd gathers:
{Not Maddie but she came in 2nd.}
AFTER the race, the usual cake and ice cream and singing of Happy Birthday: We love that our little "Lake Neighbourhood" is so fun and up for traditions and celebrations. Why just this year our neighbours began the first ever "Boat Scavenger Hunt". Five boats were sent out all over the lake, and then teams on Seadoos or speedboats raced to gather tennis balls from each hiding boat. The first team back to the docks with 5 different tennis balls won!

{Jack's dad, my mom, Jackson and I were one of the 'hiding' boats, as was Becky in a kayak.}
Jack and Maddie racing to catch the tennis ball from our hiding boat.

Can you tell that we love the Lake and all that comes it?


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