Splash Pad Outing

They didn't do much splashing {because they claimed the water was cold} but they did love the park.

It was a new one for us; we're ALWAYS on the hunt for a new park. Why go to the same park when you can go find a new one? At least that's our motto. See, we do love change.

We really, really do. {or at least Mama does!}

When concentrating, the tongue comes out. This is directly from my dad's side of the family. He does it. Lenny does it. I catch myself doing it from time-to-time. So it's fun to catch Maddie sticking out that tongue when she's focused and intent on a project; she's done this for years.

A fun day for sure!


Mae said…
Looks like a great outing. How did you find out about this splash pad?

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