More Irian Connections

About a week before we left for Dallas it suddenly dawned on me that I have lots of "Irian Kids" in the Dallas area. So I quick facebooked Kacie and she got busy seeing if we could get anyone together at the last minute. Laura and Rick Harman {brother sister duo} and Kacie and Isaac {wife and hubby} were able to get together, and as always it was great to visit, tell old stories, laugh and get caught up on where life has taken each of us since leaving Irian Jaya, Indonesia.

As I mentioned in my recent post about my visit with Kindra {another former student who happened to pass through Chicago}, there is just something so rich about being able to re-connect with students and families and friends from that three-year period in my life. There's an instant connection. An instant 'pick-up-where-we-left-off'. There's the simple delight in just knowing that the person sitting across from you knows that part of your life story. So Thursday evening was a special evening for me.

{Rick, Laura, Isaac, Kacie, me}
The kids remembered Kacie and Isaac right away and had fun reconnecting, too. For me, that's an extra sweet bonus in that my kids have "aunties and uncles" all over the globe. Literally. From Rachel in England to Angela in Australia to Julie in Canada and then everywhere in between, they love getting hugs from their "Indonesian" family. And the interesting thing is, Maddie could TOTALLY be an MK {Missionary Kid} ... she loves being barefoot ... she loves bugs and animals and snakes ... she has a heart for those that are underprivileged ... she loves a good adventure ... she loves the water and traveling and road trips ... She's my adventure gal. {And she has a bit of Miss Clare in Australia, because she LOVES all things girlie with glitter and painted nails and outfits and hair do's ... I like to think of Maddie as my little MK with sass!}

Kacie and little Sam ...

So that was an added bonus on our road trip ... another point of connection with those that I love dearly!


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