Kindra's In Town

One of the great benefits of living in Chicago is the fact that O'Hare is quite close. And this means that from time-to-time we get visitors either passing through, or coming to Chicago on business and/or pleasure.

Today we got to spend a few hours with Kindra, one of my former Irian students. There is something so rich about being able to re-connect with students and families and friends from that three-year period in my life.There's an instant connection. An instant 'pick-up-where-we-left-off'. There's the simple delight in just knowing that the person sitting across from you knows that part of your life story. I love that.

As a former teacher to many of these 'kids/students' {who are now 'adults/friends'} it is just so fun to see them after college, deciding which path to take next. Kindra is about to embark on a journey in missions, at the exact age I was when I headed out to Irian, 10 years ago this August. It was fun to jump into her world and get excited right alongside her as she walks into the unknown. She's ready. She's more than capable. She loves the Lord. She has a heart to reach out to others who have grown up as missionary kids. She has a unique niche in that she has been there done that and come out on the other side as a delightful, lovely, mature young lady.
I love dreaming alongside others. Kindra, God is up to BIG things in your life. Thanks for sharing your newest adventure with us today. As you wheeled your suitcase into O'hare, Jackson said, "I luff Miss Kindra." And Maddie and I simultaneously replied, "Me, too!"


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