July 4th Weekend - Post #1

This is gonna be tough. I was able to capture so many great pictures of our 4th of July weekend that I might need to break it down into several posts. I am LOVIN' my new camera!

So, here are TEN of my very favorites from the weekend. Stay tuned for further posts.

In no particular order except for number one:


{Our lake neighbour Dick scared us all a few weeks back by needing emergency 5-pass heart surgery. So Saturday was his first time back to the lake. We're thankful he's alive and recovering and looking great! The lake just isn't the same without him. For sure this was my favorite site to see. Welcome back, Dick!} TWO:

{My beautiful Maddie.} THREE:

{This is my new favorite picture of my three favorite people in the whole-wide-world.}

{Movie-star Hiyam!}FIVE:

{As we left the lake on Sunday.} SIX:

{Plenty of time spent 'playing' in the water. The kids loved being chased by Amu Jack.} SEVEN:

{Maryam loves her "Amu Jack"} EIGHT:

{The safety of a daddy's hands.}

{Photo shoot with Maddie.} TEN:

{Daddy and his boy.} Stay tuned for more stories of our beautiful weekend with Hiyam and Maryam; their first weekend out of Chicago since arriving in November. They absolutely LOVED it!


Mae said…
Thanks for these pictures and the comments. Keep the blogs coming.
Sara said…
that photo of daddys hands is a HUGE FRAMER in the house!

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