First Photo Shoot

So, you know how Maddie is so NOT into the camera these days? Well, I took her for a little walk to have some one-on-one attention and I started to take pictures and she threw a tizzy. So, I said to her, "Maddie, why don't you decide what pictures you want me to take. You tell me what to do and I'll just take the pictures."

Well folks, she LOVED that idea. The creative license of deciding how to pose AND telling Mommy what to do was a brilliant move on my part because look below and see some of the great shots captured. {Don't tell her but I snuck a few of my own in while she was busy staging the next shots.}

These first three pics are ones she was NOT happy about but then, her mood suddenly took a turn for the better.

I think this next one is my personal favorite.

I know, I know. That was a ba-zillion pictures, but think of all the times she wouldn't let me get a cute shot ... I'm just makin' up for lost time is all!


becko said…
What a beauty! And brilliant idea, Alysa!! Those are great pictures. I'll have to remember that trick in 5 years =)
Sara said…
luv the close up w the sun in her face. as an adult i hope she treasures that one in the future-gorgeous gal!
Julie said…
Fun Alysa! And BRILLIANT solution! I'm stealing that idea! My favorite is the close up pic just above the one of her peeking from behind the chair. Her eyes sparkle in the sun!

So fun.
Alice said…
Wow, she looks so grown up in these pictures (which look magazine-worthy, by the way!)

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