Dallas Continued

Time with the cousins was so much fun. They hit it off and played pretty well for the week, albeit a BIT chaotic with 6 kids 6 and under in the same house!

I thought I'd finish up our Dallas Road Trip posts with a few more pictures. It really was a great trip.
Day One at the Dallas Arboretum was amazing:

Day Two at the science museum rocked, with the bubble room being SO cool.

One evening we went fishing for fish and ended up fishing for turtles.

That particular evening Jackson was SO tuckered out, so he cried and whined and hung out with me ...

Throughout the week the kids spent hours with the Geo Trax.

The whole week, not a drop of rain and it was blazin' hot but I was so NOT complaining! It felt fantastic after the winter we had. We spent lots of time in shorts.

Backyard fun:

Robbie ended up going to the ER during one of our outings. He took a face plant into a cement block at a big fountain. And the funny thing was, just the night before we were talking about his "no fear" mentality, and we said he will be the one that they go to the ER with the most, and sure enough, less than 12 hours later they were there!

Waiting for the trampoline:

Cousin rough-housing. I think Jackson won this round. Maddie loved her sweet new cousin Sam: Andrew loving on his littlest brother, Sam: Matthew helping me in the kitchen: Robbie and Jackson hugged each other for Gobbie: Pool time: And last but not least, my favorite little story of Jackson and Robbie. They had been bickering/hitting/yelling/whining together ... so Jackson got a time-out. I turned the corner and this is what I saw: I guess, deep-down, Robbie felt compelled to join in the time-out as his partner-in-crime. Either that or Jackson coerced him into joining him. I laughed out loud when I saw them sitting side-by-side, "doin' time" together!

How's that for Cousin Love! Can't wait to see them in Canada {in August} for our 3rd Annual Rock Lake Week.


Mae said…
I loved all the pictures. So glad that you had a great time.

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