At the Lake

I do believe this is my new favorite picture of Jackson. Oh mercy, could he be more yum-to-the-tum?

These are just random pictures with my new camera ... from last weekend at the Lake.

I LOVE when she wears pigtails. Love it.

Jackson kept saying, "Dat's pretty cooooool" when Jack would drive by and catch a wave. He loved watching Daddy on the SeaDoo.

On Saturday, Jack's cousin Anne and her family came for a visit at the lake. We were so proud that Timmy tried SeaDoo'ing and tubing; a first for both activities.

Hunter and his 'friend' Melissa.
A view down the dock. Lovely.

The sun was oh-so-happy all weekend long! Translation: we were oh-so-happy all weekend long!

Numerous times I caught Jackson just staring into the water. Something mezmerizing about it, eh little buddy?

Big cheers for a great weekend at the Lake. Thanks, Grandpa!

{As usual, Maddie hid from the camera ... maybe I'll get more of her this coming weekend.}


Sara said…
looks like so much fun! and yes, that is a fantastic pic of jackson
Ake said…
LOVE your new camera pics...but it is the photographer, not the camera you know. Thanks for your comment on my last post. Encouraging that you feel the same.
Love you.

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