ABBA - Ravinia '09

As always, Ravinia exceeded expectations. I love, love, LOVE that place. Favorite thing to do in Chicago. F-A-V-O-R-I-T-E.

Last night's event was a cover band doing "ABBA" music.

We ate.
{And this is only a TINY portion of the food we brought.} We laughed.
{So not a flattering picture of us but it does capture the fun we were having!} We danced. We people-watched.
We just enjoyed being together. Cuz that's what friends do.

Oh ya. My feet were happy!

And then there are some traditions just won't die:
We're not sure, but we think the boys might have lost their "man cards" for attending an ABBA concert at Ravinia. Year #2. We missed you, Diana!

Michelle, Denise, Angie, Alysa

Angie and Denise
Michelle and Alysa
Denise and Alysa

Jack and Alysa

He "Took a Chance on Me" cuz I'm his "Dancing Queen!"

And for those of you that live in or near Chicago. GO TO RAVINIA. Put it on your summer list and make it happen.


Mae said…
I loved the pictures, also it brings back memories of our visits there.
becko said…
I was there too! What a great time!

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