Urban Art and Colour

I've wanted to do this for a long time, and just never made it happen.

But last week, I emailed my friend Julie and said, "Let's go find colour and art in the City."

I knew, knew, KNEW that Julie would be all over that because, you see, she's a photographer and artist and creative soul. She is truly one amazing gal and you really must meet her. {Check out her blog and if you're needing some pictures taken and you're in the Chicagoland area, she's building up her portfolio to launch her new photography business, so sign up for some inexpensive, amazing pictures. You won't be disappointed.}

From the minute she arrived, we talked and I don't think we stopped until she pulled away at the end of our adventure.

We did my favorite things.
We drove local, with no agenda, just looking for colour and art. We stopped and walked and talked and shot pics. {And I just have to say that Jackson and Kiana, who is 2, were AMAZINGLY good. Like, unbelievably good. As in, absolutely delightful.}
And for me, more than anything, I got to visit with Julie, most definitely a kindred spirit. We have so much in common, from personality to abilities to creativity to mothering frustrations, with a significant piece of our friendship being that we just get each other. No explanations needed. We understand the minute the other puts words to feelings. That's such a great component to our friendship. We just know, and I love that. We're on similar journeys, trying to figure out who we really are, fitting the creative piece of how God wired us into our daily lives, and then mixing that with contentment in the mothering moments. We're each trying to figure out how to work part-time-from-home-while-doing-something-creative-and-enjoyable ...

So while the goal was to find colour and urban art, the fringe benefit was a nice, long visit with Julie.

This year, more than any other, I have been struck with the rich, rich blessing I've been given in having so many dear, dear friends, truly scattered around the globe. Friendship adds colour to my life and I have to say that God has been so VERY good to me to give me deep friendships with so many.

Julie, thanks for a GREAT day. {And I can't wait to read your blog on our urban trip - I've purposely waited until I wrote mine, to see how two people report on the same experience!}

And everyone else, go check out her blog and book your photo shoot. Right this minute! You'll get great pics AND you'll meet a groovy gal!


You got some awesome shots, too, Alysa. What a great day for both you and Julie. Love the motor bike one. What fun!
becko said…
Those were fun! I've often seen colorful places and wanted to do the same. Next time, make sure you stop at the rainbow colored bricks under the viaduct on Irving Park just east of Milwaukee and Cicero!
Julie said…
Alysa! Nice shots! You got some great angles in there. xoxo can't wait to do it again!!
amywb said…
You have a great eye for beauty, Alysa. Very cool.

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