Rattlers and Water Moccasins

You know you're in the south WHEN ...

Your daughter comes in and says, "Mommy, I hear rattling."

And I say, "Oh, it's nothing hunny. Go on back outside and play, you've been in the car for days and you need to run around and lose some of that energy!"

And then 90-year-old Aunt Lessie pipes up and says, "If she hears rattlin' you need go and look because we have rattlers and water moccasins all around here."


That might have been information I needed to know the minute we pulled into the driveway! With my explorer kids it's a wonder they didn't get dragged away by wild tigers when I turned my back!

{Come to find out, the rattling was just the cicadas singin' their tunes. WHEW!}


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