First Lemonade Stand of the Season

Maddie and her little friend Mackenzie were moping around the house, feeling sorry for themselves because they "had nothing to do" after VBS today. I suggested numerous options, none good enough for them, so they sprawled on the couch and all of a sudden Mackenzie said, "Let's do a lemonade stand!"

So they did. They made their posters. Got the lemonade ready. Got the table and chairs. And in about an hour made $11.50. A fun way to spend a very HOT afternoon. Hilarious they were, yelling at the top of their lungs as cars sped by, "LEMONADE FOR SALE. AND GYMNASTICS FREE. AND IF YOU CAN NAME IT YOU CAN HAVE IT FOR FREE."
It was very hard to not burst into laughter, but they were all about it and made a tonne of money!

We sat down afterwards and counted the money, and talked about tithing a portion of the money, and saving another portion, and then either spending money then for a smaller item, or saving the rest of it for a larger item. They decided to give their tithe to feed the starving children. They each got a dollar to put in their piggy banks to save. And with the rest of their money they wanted to go get a Happy Meal and play at the playland. So that's what we did.

All in all, a great afternoon.

Oh, and the pictures in this post are the first with my new camera!
I'm LOVIN' it!


Julie said…
Your new pictures are beautiful!!
Gerstfamily said…
It's awesome to see Maddie let you take these beautiful pictures of her and Mackenzie. Maybe you just need to have friends of hers over and you'll get tons of pictures!

Great new camera! Great fun with the lemonade stand!
amywb said…
That camera rocks. You could be a pro! (I am a wee bit jealous.)

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