Birthday "Month" Continued

Great times, just kickin' back, enjoying each day as it comes along!

"40" is shaping up to be quite delightful ... at least from a "celebration" standpoint ... the arthritis hasn't kicked in yet, hot flashes aren't occurring, and so far so good on the memory thing. It's all good and I'm embracing FORTY with pride and exuberance and plenty of Diet Coke.

From the surprise party on Saturday straight through this past Friday night, I have felt loved and celebrated non-stop.

Tuesday night my friend Judy took me out to P.F. Chang's and then to a coffee house to visit for hours. Our friendship usually involves interrupted conversation with 5 kids in tow, so this was fantastic to just sit for hours and catch up on life.

Wednesday morning my friend Amanda took the kids and I out for breakfast; delicious and a super nice visit with a super cool friend.
And then I met my friend Catherine and her girls for a play date and picnic. Our kids play so well together, making it so easy to just hang out.

And then, my actual birth day arrived. My friend Catherine offered to take Jackson all day, while Maddie was at school; now THAT is one amazing gift. So I packed for our trip, cleaned a bit, took myself out to Corner Bakery for lunch and then over to Barnes & Noble ... it felt so good to just have a quiet day.

And then, late afternoon, Becky (sis-in-law) arrived and watched the kids while Jack and I went out to supper. Another FANTASTIC gift.

Oh, and before we left for supper, she and Jack pulled out my gift from the two of them, plus Dad Clark, and guess what - they got me an EOS Rebel Canon SLR.

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? Honestly, that is a DREAM gift. I've secretly wanted that camera for awhile... so I can hardly wait to begin playing with it. I had to pinch myself all through supper, and then over the last several days, as the reality of that special gift has set in.

Friday morning we left on our "Bound For Texas Road Trip", stopping in Ripley, Tennessee at my Aunt Kitty's for a short visit.
She took us out for Mexican food and surprised me with this lovely birthday song and 'cha cha cha' ... {And yes, I was mortified but took it in stride -- because I'm forty now and I need to be a big girl, I suppose -- } I donned the HUGE sombrero, and felt like a total dork as several men sang to me!
See the man behind me? Ya, every so often, they would get to a part in the unfamiliar song and he would tilt the sombrero really quickly back-and-forth and they'd all laugh. I'm assuming they were not laughing at me, but rather, with me. Let's make that assumption.

Uncle Scotty with Jackson

I'm continuing to revel in the fact that this has been my best birthday ever ... thanks to each of you for making me feel so loved and special!

Oh, and did I mention that I got an incredible camera for my birthday? waHooooooooo.


Alice said…
Ooh, I've been waiting for more birthday celebration updates! I'm so excited about your camera. Let's fix our birthday dinner date soon!

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