Snake in the House

Okay, so I have so very much to share ... from great things going on at church ... to spring outings with my family ... to good books I've been reading ... to flower pictures ... to Hiyam updates ... to life-in-general ....

But alas, my eyes are weary and sleep calleth.

However, I almost ran over a snake on our Saturday Family Bike Ride. And before I could recover from my harrowing maneuver, Jack and Maddie were off their tandem bike and racing for the snake.

Not a concern in the world for my well-being.

The nerve.

Their capture led to a "snake habitat" in our back yard.

Which led to an "overnight visitor" in Maddie's bedroom.

Which led to a "snake going for a ride in the car." Which led to the snake getting out of its car cage. Which led to my REFUSAL to drive until said snake was CAUGHT. {It was a good thing Daddy was around! And Jeff, did you pull Maddie aside last week and tell her about your "snake in the car" escapade when you and Jack were young? Because if so, we're gonna hafta talk.}

Maddie tried 'taunting' me with the snake one too many times which led to my not-so-idle threat of, "If you do that again I WILL throw it in the garbage." Which led to her claiming that God would not be pleased if I threw away HIS creature that HE made in the garbage.

I told her I thought God would understand. And I'm pretty sure He does.

P.S. I HATE snakes. I've gone 6.75 years without her knowing that I don't do snakes but now, the proverbial cat is out of the bag.

Oh, and these days, holding creatures is the only way I can get her to look at the camera and smile. Why is that I ask?


Sara said…
okay, i am eating dinner while reading your blog and i am so freaking out!!! i hate snakes just as much as i hate squirrels. Triston thinks it is cool and "oh, so beautiful! look at maddie. she is pretty, too!" i have goosebumps now...that nature girl of yours! luv it. it really is a great pic of her and the snake at the end.
Alice said…
Maddie is so cool! I would have freaked right out there. In the car?!?!?!?!?!?!?
becko said…
As a fellow animal lover, I am so glad you let them bring little snakey home. I too, would have done that to my mother. I even held more disgusting things like centipedes! Be careful, we once ended up with 14 pets at once (that includes the 2 "female" mice that ended up having dozen babies!). I know. Gross.

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